About Us

About Huron House

Huron House is one of the foremost halfway houses in Michigan. We are currently a male residential treatment center that also offers numerous resources and services to all members of the community with an emphasis on education. (We are not an in-patient or detoxification treatment facility)

We have served as a community-based alternative to incarceration for men since 1979 and oversee a highly regarded transitional program for parolees who are acclimating back into the community and need guidance toward sustained employment and permanent housing.

We work to ensure the dignity of our residents and anyone who uses our services. For individuals coming to us for urinalysis testing, substance abuse counseling, or other needs, we strive for sensitivity and efficiency. We recognize that, in many instances, people pay for our testing services out of pocket. We receive accurate test results through Redwood Laboratories, and our staff is well-trained in chain-of-custody for testing thus assuring accuracy in reporting.

In every instance, when someone comes through our doors, we endeavor to show them they are valued and respected. We want them to leave us fully satisfied with our service.

Our Mission Statement

Huron House Inc. is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to establish a community residential center as a constructive alternative to incarceration of adult offenders.  The primary purpose is to provide a community adjustment facility for the temporary housing of probationers who live in St. Clair and surrounding Counties in  Michigan, and to facilitate a successful transition back into the community, as well as provide services to others in the community who might benefit from the program’s offerings.