Serving the Community and Empowering Lives

Huron House operates as one of the best non-profit Michigan half-way house facilities. We also provide the temporary housing for Court ordered Michigan residents who require a transition into the next phase of their lives and personal growth.

PBT and Urinalysis Testing

We offer drug testing services for court-ordered and private pre-employment testing.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance abuse counseling is a form of therapy that helps individuals with substance abuse problems.

Educational Advancement Assistance

We offer support in the form of mentoring, counseling, and other services designed to help.

Transition Into a Lifestyle Transformation

We are a constructive alternative to incarceration for adult offenders. We offer our residents the education and support they require to develop essential life skills and move into a productive, self-supporting role in their own lives and as members of the community.

As a community-based organization serving St. Clair and surrounding counties, our team of professionals helps individuals enact long-term lifestyle changes built on a foundation of mental, physical, and spiritual growth.

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Serving the Community and Empowering Lives