How the Program Works

Each resident is assigned a Case Manager who works with the resident to establish a set of personal goals which will lead to their successful completion of the program. The program is designed to help the resident become a productive and contributing member of the community. Residents are trained in employment seeking and daily living skills to help obtain and maintain a job.

While living at the Huron House, residents are expected to keep their units and any common areas neat and orderly as well as participate in the maintenance of the building and grounds. It is encouraged to respect others and the building they reside in. Each resident is encouraged and expected to perform community service work, contribute funds towards their room and board, and establish a budget. This budget will include payment of all legally incurred court ordered debts and maintain a personal savings account.
Huron House offers a learning environment where all three phases of RSAT, (a court ordered program) are taught by highly qualified instructors. In addition, We offer a program entitled “Life Skills” to assist clients in topics of anger management, self esteem, goals, communication stress management, relationship skills, grief loss and values clarification, all in an 8 week group session.
Additional programs offered include SMART recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Reformers Unanimous.